Langue(s) : German.

Country : Swiss.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

SRF Info On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


SRF info is a public Swiss German television channel. It corresponds to the continuous news channel of SF Schweizer Fernsehen (SRF). Formerly called SFi and SF Replay, it is considered today as an essential way for the Swiss-German community to catch up with the latest events.

SRF info’s specialism involves rebroadcasting news features, running the latest news flashes and covering reports already issued on channels SF 1 and SF zwei. SRF info is also the perfect way to keep up to date with Romansh news as well, including Televisiun Rumantscha, which creates 90 minutes of Romansh programming every week, including the Romansh Telesguard show.

Another specialism of SRF info is its nightly programs. Indeed, from the early evening and throughout the night, SRF info continuously transmits the daily news shows, including 10vor10, Schweiz aktuell and SRF Tagesschau, all of them being produced by SRF’s current affairs team. It also includes special broadcasts for important events, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos or sports events that are not broadcast on SF zwei. So, if you want to keep up to date with global economic trends or just want to catch some downhill skiing, SRF info may be the first place to look.

Using the Hotbird satellite, you can watch SRF info in all the countries of Europe as well as in North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and the entire Mediterranean basin. It’s the best way for Swiss-German people to stay tuned into developments in their country.

Technical info to install this channel

Position orbitale Channel name Video Quality Frequency Polar Modulation Symbol Rate
13 deg East SRF info HD HD 11.526 H DVB-S2 29.7

TV programme of the channel SRF Info (UTC±2)

18:00 - 18:10Tagesschau

18:10 - 18:15Meteo

18:15 - 18:25Tagesschau

18:25 - 19:00Kassensturz

19:00 - 19:05G&g People Flash

19:05 - 19:15Telesguard

19:15 - 19:25Tagesschau

19:25 - 19:35Telesguard

19:35 - 19:50Tagesschau

19:50 - 20:00Telesguard