Langue(s) : Russian.

Country : Russia.

Genre(s) : Music.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

Shanson TV On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


The popular Russian channel, Shanson TV, is geared towards music and arts programming. Boasting a schedule of live news broadcasts revolving around artistic events within the recording industry, there’s plenty on offer for music fans of all genres. Viewers can immerse themselves with relaxing broadcasts of live Russian folk songs, with engaging videos and information to get clued up on the background of individual tracks and artists. Viewers cal also discover exciting new music from different cultures and artists from a diverse range of backgrounds.
Geared toward viewers who want to explore new music types and dynamic genres, Shanson TV showcases homegrown and international music, although there’s a keen focus on Russian and Italian singers. Alongside live music broadcasts, there’s also singing competitions, documentaries and factual programming and concerts to enjoy. Viewers will be introduced to new and upcoming talent, with singers from all walks of life given their chance to shine under the spotlight. Shanson TV is supported by the Ministry of Russian Culture and the Italian Cultural Institute based in Moscow, driving developments in music and introducing viewers to new genres of entertainment. The channel is fronted by an expert team of continuity presenters and announcers, weaving different programming together seamlessly. The perfect destination for those who prefer live music, there’s plenty to enjoy at Shanson TV. Customers of Hot Bird will have free access to this channel, allowing them unbridled access to the complete schedule, with exciting previews of musical stars of tomorrow in the making.

TV programme of the channel Shanson TV (UTC±2)

13:35 - 15:15ХИТ-ПАРАД ШАНСОН ТВ [СС] (16+)

15:15 - 16:55МУЗЫКАЛЬНЫЙ КЛАСС. Артур РУДЕНКО (12+)

16:55 - 17:50МИРОВОЙ ШАНСОН. Микс-салат (16+)

17:50 - 19:05МАГНИТОФОН. Наталья ВЕТЛИЦКАЯ (12+)

19:05 - 20:10КЛИПШАРТ (16+)

20:10 - 21:50МИРОВОЙ ШАНСОН. Леонард КОЭН (12+)

21:50 - 22:50О ЧЕМ ПОЕТ СТРАНА. №548 (16+)

22:50 - 1:10ШАНСОН! ШАНСОН! ШАНСОН! (12+)

1:10 - 2:40ХИТ-ПАРАД ШАНСОН ТВ [СС] (16+)

2:40 - 4:00МУЗЫКАЛЬНЫЙ КЛАСС. Артур РУДЕНКО (12+)