Langue(s) : English.

Country : Russia.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

RT English On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


Based in Moscow and launched in 2005 as Russia Today, RT is a Russian government-funded, 24-hour news network. RT English covers all sectors of Russian and international news including headlines and breaking news which relate to current affairs, politics, the economy, finance, entertainment, sporting events and more…

Winners of the Best 24-Hour News Programme at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, RT has also been regularly nominated for the Emmy Awards, as a result of the high quality of its programming. The station advocates quality and diversity of programming, in order to retain a balance. With RT, viewers can broaden their horizons and discover a different perspective on the wider world.

Aside from the breaking news and current affairs, RT allows viewers the chance to deepen their understanding of Russia, both as it was and as it is, thanks to a host of documentaries and programmes which are dedicated to culture, history, philosophy and everyday life of the Russian people. All of it is broadcast in English.

Launched by the RIA Novosti News Agency, and born out of the multi-lingual RT network (formerly Russia Today), RT aims to show the Russian point of view on both national and international events to English-language viewers across the world. RT is the second most-watched foreign news broadcaster in the United States and offers an alternative to the mainstream and traditional television news channels.

Thanks to the HOTBIRD satellite, RT is available in all countries of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean Basin.

Technical info to install this channel

Position orbitale Channel name Video Quality Frequency Polar Modulation Symbol Rate
13 deg East RT HD HD 12.475 H DVB-S2 29.9

TV programme of the channel RT English (UTC±2)

14:00 - 14:29Headline News

14:29 - 15:00Documentary

15:00 - 15:29Headline News

15:29 - 16:00Going Underground

16:00 - 16:29News UK

16:29 - 17:00Cross Talk

17:00 - 17:29News UK

17:29 - 18:00Documentary

18:00 - 18:29News UK

18:29 - 19:00Going Underground