Langue(s) : Russian.

Country : Russia.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird

Rossiya 24 on


Rossiya 24 (Russia-24 in English) is the heiress of the state TV channel Vosti. Part of the television station’s network belonging to public broadcaster VGTRK (Compagnie State television and broadcast throughout Russia), it has established its headquarters in the Russian capital, Moscow. This channel provides continuous coverage of national and international news. Its purpose is to relay the news of the world from Russia. Broadcasting in Russian, Russia-24 is intended for a Russian-speaking audience. All programming of Russia-24 consists of a relay and decryption topics making the news in Russia and around the world. The news channel has for that purpose assembled a team of journalists and correspondents dispatched both around the country and also in other countries throughout the world.
Daily and 24 hours a day, it is possible to get the news in real time, thanks to an accurate and speedy provision of information in the many bulletins. On Russia-24, a direct, comprehensive and effective coverage of everything important that happens in the world today is available where it happens, as it happens. Opinion pieces and comprehensive analysis of the most relevant events are broadcast on the air. Experts and researchers, under the supervision of experienced and professional journalists, comb through the different subjects. The themes are many and varied. These TV programs cover news in the political, geo-strategic, sporting, economic or social spheres offering a broad range of subjects combined with a depth of analysis.

TV programme of the channel Rossiya 24 (UTC±2)

11:22 - 11:23Лицензию на оружие можно будет получать по интернету

11:23 - 11:27КамАЗ

11:27 - 11:30Опубликованы кадры с места массового ДТП с фурой и школьным микроавтобусом

11:30 - 11:31Олимпийская чемпионка Ильиных сообщила о рождении ребенка

11:31 - 11:3497-летняя ветеран ВОВ освоила профессию блогера

11:34 - 11:39Спикер Госсовета Крыма

11:39 - 11:45Лекарство от Covid-19 готово к испытаниям на людях

11:45 - 11:53В Иране от коронавируса скончалась депутат нового парламента

11:53 - 12:00Путин обсудил с Назарбаевым детали его визита в Россию

12:00 - 12:01Появилось новое видео столкновения автобуса и тепловоза в Твери