Langue(s) : Italian.

Country : Italy.

Genre(s) : Business.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

Reteconomy On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


Reteconomy is an Italian television channel that is broadcast via satellite and specialises in the world of economics. The channel is available to view through the Hot Bird satellite. Sometimes today, we feel that the economy is what dictates the way the world moves. This is possibly true, but one thing is for sure unless you have studied economics at university it can be impossibly difficult to get a handle on the background to economic facts. Trying to reach the heart of a debate can quickly make the questions in hand become obscure and hard to understand. The goal of programme scheduling at Reteconomy is simple. It is aimed at giving its viewers the keys that are vital in helping them to understand what is going on. Thus, the channel combines good sense with education and information. Many experts are given time at the microphone to talk about the economy and the format of this TV channel allows them to illustrate their points with varied graphics or real life situations. Documentaries on the channel also perform a similar function. Finally, the aim of Reteconomy is not to deliver a course in applied economics but to offer live coverage of issues related to the public’s practical concerns or to answer questions that arise out of current events. In short, it is a small Italian equivalent to BFM Business. If you want some understanding of everything to do with the economy, then you must develop the Reteconomy habit.