Langue(s) : Persian.

Country : UK.

Genre(s) : Films-series.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

Persian Star 1 On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


Recent years have seen the appearance of new television stations promoting a focus on the Persian culture. With their ability to take advantage of satellite broadcasting, such as via Hot Bird, these channels can now reach Persian populations wherever they are living or working in the world. Based in the UK, the Iranian Persian Star TV (PS.TV) Limited company has two TV stations that are exclusively devoted to Persian entertainment. Persian Star 1 has been a part of this network since 2011 and its schedule is primarily dedicated to entertainment content in all of its forms. Indeed, although this free channel found at Hot Bird 13° is aimed primarily at those of the Iranian community-based abroad, it is also a fascinating channel for viewers who have a passionate interest in the Persian culture and, in particular, its entertainment industry. For viewers who are eager to explore different forms of entertainment, Persian Star 1 plunges viewers directly into a world where the watchwords are creativity and originality. This TV channel works toward providing an attractive programme schedule that delivers all forms of entertainment. For viewers who have a passion for films, there is an opportunity to watch TV films, TV shows and blockbuster films all made in Persian. These productions give a real insight into current affairs, as well as the cultural and historical heritage of the Middle Eastern community. The channel’s entertainment schedule is punctuated with musical and chat shows transmitted in Persian.