Langue(s) : Vietnamese.

Country : Vietnam.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird

NetViet on


NetViet is a news channel dedicated to broadcasting a comprehensive slate of news and current affairs programming in both Vietnamese and English. Focusing mainly on social issues, economic affairs and cultural subjects involving in Vietnam, the channel appeals to both the domestic viewer and an international audience interested in Vietnamese affairs. The station provides a continuous stream of information, covering all key national events, as well as up to the minute subjects holding particular significance to the country of Vietnam and its people.
NetViet enjoys a large number of views from across the world, and has grown in popularity in recent years to respond to this growing interest from international audiences. Its primary purpose is to provide relevant programming to the Vietnamese community, wherever they’re based in the world.
The schedule of the NetViet network offers a wide variety of current affairs and political programming, including, but not limited to, political broadcasts, daily news reports on social and economic life, as well as light entertainment programming for a more relaxed review of cultural events and current affairs in the country. Up-to-the-date news is delivered throughout the day, along with relevant commentary, interviews and talk shows relating to the news of the day. The network is populated by well-known journalists and commentators, interviewing leading personalities known throughout Vietnam and beyond. Top columnists advise viewers on the latest trends, while leading experts bring their top-flight expertise and analysis to comment on the latest news developments and headline news stories.
Available throughout Europe and Asia Minor via Hot Bird satellite, NetViet can also be viewed by audiences across North Africa and the Middle East.