Langue(s) : Kurdish.

Country : Iran.

Genre(s) : Music.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

Muzik TV On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


As its name suggests, Muzik TV is a television channel dedicated to music. It provides a broad spectrum of offerings: videos, concerts and traditional music are all given due importance, with programmes broadcast round the clock, seven days a week.

Muzik TV is unique in being a showcase for the world of Kurdish music. Whether beginners or established artists, street dancers, well-known troupes or singers of ancient songs, the channels has managed to find a balance between all forms of home-grown music.

It also airs cartoons for younger viewers. Extremely varied, these allow children to discover not only Kurdish culture but also the world’s most popular tales (such as Pinocchio, for example). Here again, Muzik TV combines traditional themes with modern animation techniques to please all tastes.

Nor are parents neglected. Scores of Kurdish films are shown on this free satellite channel. With social issue dramas, love stories and fantasy adventures sharing the schedules, there’s something for everyone on movie nights.

For several years the channel has been highly popular with music lovers not only in Kurdistan but also in Iran and Turkey. It is broadcast around the world for Kurds who want to stay in touch with their roots, as well as for those who want to experience a little known culture. Once available across only a relatively small territory, it is now easy to watch the channel’s programmes worldwide via the Hot Bird satellite network.