Langue(s) : French.

Country : France.

Genre(s) : Culture and Generalist.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

Arte On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


Created in April 1991 through Franco-German cooperation, ARTE’s trademark is prominently displayed in the French and German media landscape. Originally mainly oriented towards the exploration of culture, the range of programmes has expanded over the years to produce content from journalism and cinema through to thoughtful and insightful documentaries.
The dual French-German culture channel explores a variety of themes on European issues through the many programmes produced. Most of the contents are bilingual or refer with equal relevance to both countries. As an example one of the star programmes of the chain, “Karambolage”, is dedicated to investigating the linguistic and cultural differences between France and Germany, with a mischievous angle and a family friendly humorous tone to the series.
Among the regular programmes on ARTE in French there are a series of documentaries which deal with a wide range of topics, including ecological issues; technology programmes for both children and adults; and themed evenings featuring documentaries and top interviews and addressing current political, economic and social topics . Every day, the channel broadcasts two magazine programmes at midday and evening to adults, as well as a magazine type show for younger viewers which is broadcast in the early morning.
ARTE aspires to be the channel of knowledge in the broadest sense and focuses on high value cultural and educational programmes. The various programmes produced by the channel are part of this perspective and seek to provoke thought among viewers whether through documentaries, feature films or series.

Technical info to install this channel

Position orbitale Channel name Video Quality Frequency Polar Modulation Symbol Rate
13 deg East Arte HD HD 11.681 H DVB-S2 27.5

TV programme of the channel Arte (UTC±2)

0:19 - 1:12La Babel des enfants perdus

1:15 - 2:14La brigade des papiers

2:17 - 3:10ARTE Reportage

3:11 - 3:23Le Dessous des cartes - Brésil : une puissance inaboutie

3:25 - 3:45ARTE Journal

3:48 - 4:20ARTE Regards - Extinction Rebellion

4:21 - 4:47Médecines d'ailleurs

4:49 - 5:42Aventure au musée

6:00 - 6:42"Le tricorne" de Manuel de Falla

6:42 - 7:08Square Artiste