Langue(s) : Italian.

Country :

Genre(s) : Documentaries.

Satellite(s) : hotbird

Archi News 24 On the satellite hotbird - TV programme


These days there are TV channels devoted to almost every area of interest you could imagine, but one topic that hasn’t been covered in any depth until now is architecture. Welcome to Archi News 24, the first satellite channel dedicated exclusively to this subject, from blueprints and 3D models through heating and plumbing to fittings, fixtures and furnishings.

The main objective of this Italian TV station is to promote great architectural design and to offer advice to viewers new to the topic, covering areas such as project management, construction materials, design and interior décor. On Archi News 24, viewers can thus gain access to a broad range of programmes, including many documentaries about architectural projects both in Italy and around the world which feature regularly in the schedules.

This free satellite channel also brings you the latest news stories relating to the world of architecture and construction, as well as interviews with important figures in the field. In addition, it reports from a large number of trade events and companies having an impact in the sector, such as Casalgrande Padana, Milan Design Week, Florim and Exhib-it. Throughout its programming, the channel works closely with the College of Architecture in Rome to provide its audience with the most reliable information. Broadcast on the Hot Bird satellite network, Archi News 24 can be watched free of charge by viewers living in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.