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Al Hiwar TV est une chaîne d’information et d’analyse arabophone qui émet depuis la ville de Londres au Royaume-Uni. Elle a été fondée par des intellectuels arabes et hommes d’affaires britanniques et issus du monde arabe en 2006 sous l’initiative de l’éditeur et intellectuel Azzam Al-Tamimi. Al Hiwar TV (qui signifie „“le dialogue““ en arabe)… Weiter »

If you are looking to be informed of all the latest international news and have some fun without having to leave your home, Arise News offers you a set of programmes with various themes. Determined to focus on featuring an objective and unbiased presentation of current global issues, this completely independent channel offers a wide… Weiter »

A leader in around the clock news, this international news channel from the BBC targets the Arab general public in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf states. Since 2008, BBC Arabic has broadcast its programmes non-stop; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Along with the success of the BBC Arabic radio… Weiter »

BBC Persian is an award-winning news channel which broadcasts its programmes in the Persian language. Based at Broadcasting House in London, BBC Persian is designed to cater to the 100 million Persian speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, but is also watched by a broader audience of expatriates worldwide. The goal of the service… Weiter »

BBC World News is a large international news channel based in the UK. A subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation group, it draws in record audience numbers with approximately 76 million viewers per week. Thanks to satellite, this British channel can be accessed worldwide and around the clock. BBC World News is broadcast in more… Weiter »

The Bloomberg TV Europe channel belongs to the Bloomberg LP Group. Its narrative is distinguished by programmes related exclusively to finance and the economy. This free channel is available in Europe in countries like France as well as Asia-Pacific, South American and the United States. The Hotbird satellite broadcasts Bloomberg TV Europe to adapt to… Weiter »

CNBC Europe is a British based television channel that specialises in economic and financial news. The channel is broadcast to countries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. CNBC News was launched in 1996, and has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The channel belongs to NBC. In 1997, the channel was merged with European… Weiter »

Launched in February 2011 by a group of Shiite Muslims based in the United Kingdom, Fadak TV is a television channel whose mission is to popularise the Shiite doctrine to the Arab people and the wider world in general. Promoting a tolerant Islam that is very different to currents that preach violence and terrorism, the… Weiter »

God TV is an international channel that broadcasts in English and seeks to convey Christian values to a worldwide audience. This channel was founded in 1995 in Britain, with the aim of creating a European-wide Christian broadcaster. Today, it is based both in the UK, the US and Israel, with its international distribution centre in… Weiter »

Kalemeh TV is a free channel that is completely dedicated to the Islamic faith. Broadcast from the United Kingdom, this television station offers a range of programs to assist you in your faith through the transmission of Islamic teachings solely based on the Koran. Kalemeh TV also dedicates its work to encouraging the return of… Weiter »

First launched in 2007, KICC TV is a television station owned by the British religious movement Kingsway International Christian Centre. Operating under the leadership of the prophet-founder of the congregation, Matthew Ashimolowo, the channel exclusively covers topics relating to religion and is intended for all age categories. If its orientation is clearly directed toward spirituality,… Weiter »

MTA has the vast array of programs ranging from wildlife to cooking to computing are regularly broadcast to cater for different tastes and interests. There are also numerous specialized programs. Discussion programs and in depth documentaries touch upon political, social and religious issues. Language classes that help viewers to improve their linguistic skills include Chinese,… Weiter »