Langue: Russisch

Russkiy Bestseller is a Russian cultural television channel dedicated to literature. Its main broadcasts include programmes dealing with bestselling books from Russian and international authors. The network of programmes available on Russkiy Bestseller concentrates solely on literary success stories, with programmes presenting authors, their different pathways in life and their writing projects. Russkiy Bestseller features… Weiter »

The popular Russian channel, Shanson TV, is geared towards music and arts programming. Boasting a schedule of live news broadcasts revolving around artistic events within the recording industry, there’s plenty on offer for music fans of all genres. Viewers can immerse themselves with relaxing broadcasts of live Russian folk songs, with engaging videos and information… Weiter »

Founded in 2003, Soyuz is an Orthodox Russian TV station that was created with the blessing of the Archbishop of Yekaterinburg. Since 2007, it has also been available on satellite. This Russian-language channel aims to educate and introduce viewers to the values of Orthodox Christianity. Its programs are specially chosen in order to appeal to… Weiter »

STS International (Cyrillic: CTC TV Channel Network) is a private television channel based in Moscow, Russia and is part of the CTC Media Group, which owns over 300 subsidiaries and 19 associated channels. STS was launched in 1994, and took the name of CTC in 1996. These days, it is one of Russia’s leading entertainment… Weiter »

Part of the Russian Broadcasting Network (RBN), TBN Rossiya is a Russian television station broadcasting as a free to air channel on the Hot Bird satellite. Based out of offices in St. Petersburg, TBN Rossiya boasts an impressive editorial lineup with a focus on the promotion of Christian values. The channel is aimed at a… Weiter »

The Russian language is well known for having produced world quality literature treasures over the years, with today’s day and age being no exception. Russian culture continues to produce a high level of literature in television format, via channels such as TNT international which offer a diverse selection of programmes to the Russian speaking population… Weiter »

TV Rus is a Russian language television channel that has been based in Germany since 2012. Broadcasting seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., this general entertainment channel offers a varied range of programmes geared mainly towards the Russian community living in Germany and the rest of Europe. Its aim is to… Weiter »

TV channel UA | TV is addressed to a wide foreign audience and is called upon to convey to the whole world objective, relevant and interesting information from Ukraine and Ukraine from the first mouth. UA | TV is the latest news every hour in five languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, Russian, Arabic, Crimean Tatar), as well… Weiter »

Broadcasting from Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine, Vozrozhdeniye TV is a spiritual and religious channel that belongs to the Spiritual Revival Centre. This is an international religious movement that can be found in many countries around the world. Promoting the Christian faith and Christian principles of life, the channel schedules programmes that help promote the inner… Weiter »