Langue: Kasachisch

Are you of Kazakh origin, and want to follow news about your country from your wherever you are in Europe? If so, you should certainly discover the wide range of interesting programs offered by the Kazakh TV channel. Formerly known as CaspionNet, Kazakh TV is one of the national television channels of Kazakhstan, broadcasting from… Weiter »

Shabakeh 7, plus généralement connu sous l’appellation Seven, fait partie de cette génération de stations de télévision qui ambitionnent d’apporter l’enseignement de Jésus-Christ dans les foyers du Moyen-Orient. La chaîne exclusivement tournée vers la religion est ainsi présente sur le satellite Hot Bird 13 et couvre l’Iran et les autres pays d’Orient. Pour réussir sa… Weiter »

Also known as Channel 7, Seven Kazakhstan is a television channel based in the country’s capital, Astana. As well as keeping in line with other channels in Kazakhstan which dedicate their programme line ups to national current affairs, Seven Kazakhstan offers a younger and more modern approach to its content. Launched in 2009 under the… Weiter »