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Fashion One

Fashion One Europe was born out of the success of New York Fashion One, a US channel which has over 100 million viewers worldwide. New York Fashion One was launched in 2010 by Michael Gleissner and Fashion One Europe soon followed suit. Fashion One Europe is a channel dedicated to fashion, trends and style, with… Weiter »

Fashion TV SD Europe is the essential channel for all lovers of the fashion world and modelling. Founded in France in 1997 by Polish-born media entrepreneur Michel Adam-Lisowski, the channel has enjoyed significant success across the world and is one of the fashion industry’s major televisual reference points. The channel is now broadcast to more… Weiter »

Launched in 2005, World Fashion Channel International is owned by Igor Kesaev and Marina Artemieva. A leading authority on worldwide fashion, the channel offers an essential stream of fashion programming, in addition to lifestyle shows and celebrity news. The channel has two main strands, one hosting English TV programs catered to the European, North American… Weiter »