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Also known as TVRI, TVR International is a Romanian television station available for free on satellite in Europe, North America and the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean. A subsidiary of the public broadcasting company Televiziunea Româna (Romanian Television), it was launched in 1995 and its offices are located in Bucharest. Its programming is based… Weiter »

Telewizja Silesia (TVS) is a Polish private regional television channel broadcasting to Silesia. Its target audience are the residents of the province of Silesia. Since its launch on March 29 2008, it has been broadcasting local information (Informacje Silesia), outreach programs, entertainment programs, music videos and concerts and news items about local cultural and other… Weiter »

Increasingly, religious channels are appearing on the media scene. Despite their diversity, these channels all have the common objective of being instruments of conversion, as well as to offer support to those already faithful viewers. Velayat TV Network is part of a group of television stations exclusively geared towards Islam. The promoters of the group… Weiter »

Vtv4 is a Vietnamese channel that is run by the government and provides public interest broadcasting all over the world. The channel was founded in 2002, and is one of the properties of the national broadcaster Vietnam Television (VTV). Vtv4 is a television channel run by the Ministry of Information and Local Communication. In parallel… Weiter »

Yemen has a total of three public television channels, one of which is Yemen TV, the country’s flagship broadcaster. First established in 1975 this was the first channel to ever bring a local media presence into what used to be called the Yemen Arabic Republic, sometimes known as North Yemen. In the aftermath of the… Weiter »

Created in March 2007 with the objective of setting up a ‘credible alternative to traditional media’ in Kurdistan, Zagros TV is a satellite television channel that produces and broadcasts content exclusively in the Kurdish language. It therefore mainly targets viewers who live in this part of the world as well as the Kurdish diaspora. The… Weiter »

One of the most historic German TV channels. ZDF was established in 1963 and is now the most watched general channel in Germany. Its content is diverse – with a wide range of information, education and entertainment programs for the whole family. Indeed, ZDF explicitly targets its programming to the widest possible audience. The German… Weiter »