Sprache(n): Griechisch.

Land: Griechenland.

Genre: Politik.

Satelliten : hotbird

Vouli Tileorasi SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


Vouli Tileorasi (Parliament TV) is a Greek TV channel specialising in up-to-the-minute coverage of national parliamentary activities and other political updates. Originally launched in 1999, the channel has been going strong ever since, delivering objective information and engaging content to viewers, keeping them updated on all the activity of their National Assembly. Helping create and maintain a tighter link between Greek citizens and their elected representatives, it’s an essential information stream, helping individuals feel closer to the goings on of their political leaders, helping drive interest and community involvement in public affairs. Vouli Tileorasi is available to view free for those with access to the Hot Bird satellite, allowing Greeks living across America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East to keep engaged and updated about political goings on in their home country. If you’re a keen follower of Greek politics and current affair, Vouli Tileorasi is an essential viewing platform. The editorial line of the channel revolves around real-time coverage of parliamentary sessions, discussions of different committees and updates on law-making. Political, economic, social, cultural and sporting news are all covered, providing a diverse schedule of broadcasts, with a consistent commitment to quality news. With broadcasts designed to help the average viewer get acquainted with the goings on within parliament, Vouli Tileorasi also invites established politicians and professional commentators to question and answer sessions, providing further insights. The station also promotes interest and engagement with Greek cultural heritage and history with a steady stream of homegrown films and documentaries, along with broadcasts of opera concerns, musical events, plays and other live performances.