Sprache(n): Polnisch.

Land: Polen.

Genre: Allgemein.

Satelliten : hotbird

TVS SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


Telewizja Silesia (TVS) is a Polish private regional television channel broadcasting to Silesia. Its target audience are the residents of the province of Silesia. Since its launch on March 29 2008, it has been broadcasting local information (Informacje Silesia), outreach programs, entertainment programs, music videos and concerts and news items about local cultural and other events. Every day at 7 am, its schedule begins with a live broadcast from Radio Silesia, thanks to a camera located in the studios of the radio station. The TV channel’s own programmes start at 11 am with local events and teleshopping. TVS broadcasts a first region wide newscast at 5:45 p.m., the „Silesia Informacje“, and this is rebroadcast several times throughout the evening and night.
Via a Hot Bird Eutelsat satellite, TVS can be received throughout Europe with the utmost clarity. This is achieved by means of a satellite positioned at 13 ° East.
TVS produces not only television but also two radio programs: Radio Silesia and Silesia Radio Club, which are streamed on the Internet. Radio Silesia is also, as has been mentioned above, broadcast daily from 7 to 10 am live on TVS Television.

Technische Informationen zur Installierung des Senders

Position orbitale Name des Senders: Bildqualität: Frequenz: Polarisation: Modulation: Symbolrate:
13 deg East TVS SD 10.796 V DVB-S2 27.5


13:05 - 13:45Przy muzyce po śląsku

13:20 - 16:10Koncert w TVS

13:50 - 14:15Muzyczny kącik Damiana Holeckiego

16:15 - 16:24U bacy na cacy

16:25 - 16:55My wam to zagramy

17:00 - 18:15Koncert życzeń

18:20 - 19:10Śląska karuzela

19:15 - 19:40Kuchnia po śląsku

19:45 - 20:15Święta wojna

20:20 - 20:45Muzyczne podróże