Sprache(n): Russisch.

Land: Russland.

Genre: Unterhaltung.

Satelliten : hotbird

Russkiy Bestseller SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


Russkiy Bestseller is a Russian cultural television channel dedicated to literature. Its main broadcasts include programmes dealing with bestselling books from Russian and international authors.
The network of programmes available on Russkiy Bestseller concentrates solely on literary success stories, with programmes presenting authors, their different pathways in life and their writing projects. Russkiy Bestseller features pre-filmed interviews as well as live interviews with guest authors, whereby the authors enter into discussions with the channel’s presenters and journalists. Other programmes deal with successful published authors who have had books released into bookshops. Debates on popular books are represented from the different viewpoints of literary critics. Other programmes present bestselling books to potential readers.
Russkiy Bestseller is broadcast in the Russian language and although it targets Russians within Russia, it also sparks an interest in Russian expatriates around the world, offering them information on bestselling books in Russia. This channel offers viewers the chance to stay in the know regarding Russian culture, as well as keeping up to date with the most popular books in Russia.
You can watch Russkiy Bestseller via the HOTBIRD Satellite which is available in all European countries, the Middle East and North Africa, the Mediterranean Basin region and Asia Minor.