Sprache(n): Italienisch.

Land: Italien.

Genre: Lebensstil.

Satelliten : hotbird

La Sposa SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


La Sposa („The Bride“) is an Italian television channel launched on 8 November 2010 and dealing with the theme of marriage in all its varied aspects. This free satellite channel broadcasts programmes on a wide range of topics relating to weddings, delivering quality advice and tips to help future brides and grooms achieve nuptial bliss.

For example, the show „Breakfast with Cira“, presented by renowned wedding planner Cira Lombardo, brings together a panel of experts who assist prospective husbands and wives in getting the most important day of their lives absolutely right. Brides regularly write in to the show seeking advice from Cira and her guests, and Cira doesn’t let them down. In another style of show, „Sugar Lab“ shares the secrets of great pastry so you can create a memorable wedding cake that will really put the icing on a perfect day. From delicious recipes to beautiful decorations and spot on baking times, you’ll learn how to make your cake the show stopping centrepiece of your wedding.

Finally, „The Perfect Day“ invites you to take a front row seat at the most beautiful weddings in Italy. Following proceedings in depth from the early preparations to the ceremony itself, this programme is a great source of inspiration for couples about to tie the knot. More than just a regular TV channel, La Sposa is a boon for anyone planning their dream wedding and in need of some free professional advice.