Sprache(n): Deutsch.

Land: Deutschland.

Genre: Allgemein.

Satelliten : hotbird

Das Erste SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


Das Erste (or „the First“) is a German general TV channel that was launched in 1952. The chain is headed by a federal assembly and is broadcast throughout the country. Nowadays, it is also possible to follow all of Das Erste’s programs anywhere in the world, having been broadcast via satellite since 1993.

Its programs are varied and offer everything from intellectual debates on social issues to popular reality shows and blockbuster movies.

The most famous show is unquestionably Das Erste’s daily news broadcast at 8 p.m. as well as Tagesthemen Magazine – the themes today – offering in-depth news reports along with brief interviews.

But Das Erste is not limited to such serious issues. A multitude of series is broadcast on the channel. If you love traditional German TV, it is still possible to follow mainly German creations – such as Sturm of Liebes or Verboten Liebe – new or old. Under the aegis of the ARD, the channel also produces TV movies, but its Premiere channel is also a great place to catch international films.

There are plenty of magazine style shows on Das Erste and some live chat shows, featuring audience participation. It’s the kind of channel that offers political and cultural programs to suit all ages and political opinions.

Centered around both culture and entertainment, the channel offers numerous documentaries and game shows for the whole family to enjoy. These include the famous game Paarduell, which is broadcast in the late afternoon. Viewers can watch sporting events and variety shows as well.