Sprache(n): Arabisch.

Land: Irak.

Genre: Religion.

Satelliten : hotbird

Beitol Abbas SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


Given that Islam is the subject of numerous discussions throughout the world, and a central aspect of countries and cultures all through the world, Beitol Abbas TV’s mission is to transmit the true values ​​of this religion based on principles of tolerance and love. Headquartered in Karbala, Iraq, this television channel is run by Shiite religious people. Thus, this channel has, more specifically, dedicated itself to popularising the Shiite doctrines throughout the Muslim world and indeed to the rest of the world by extension. Every day, the channel broadcasts different types of programs to explain and justify these doctrines, and it does so despite the persecution of Shia Muslims in parts of the Near and Middle East. Persevering and determined, TV Beitol Abbas realises its ambitions through a range of programs in Persian, which is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the sub-region. A key part of this chain of programs is the sermons delivered by several big names in the Shiite religious community. Relevant information on topics related to the Muslim religious life is also available for viewers to digest in a timely and useful manner. Far removed from any extremism, this collection of TV programs also provides viewers with a variety of topical analyses of current events. Great imams and other great religious leaders are always invited to get involved with these programs, as they provide them with great opportunities to give their views.
Abbas Beitol TV broadcasts daily 24/24 on the Hot Bird satellite.