Sprache(n): Englisch.

Land: Vereinigtes Königreich.

Genre: Informationen.

Satelliten : hotbird

Arise News SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


If you are looking to be informed of all the latest international news and have some fun without having to leave your home, Arise News offers you a set of programmes with various themes. Determined to focus on featuring an objective and unbiased presentation of current global issues, this completely independent channel offers a wide and varied selection of angles and perspectives, giving you as the viewer the opportunity to form your own ideas, opinions and judgements concerning current affairs and international events. Whatever your tastes and however much or little free time you have available, you will find something in the mix to quench your thirst for information and knowledge. Arise News, a London-based global news network, brings you unlimited travel across cultures from the comfort of your own home, and allows you to collect all the information you need to form a fair and balanced picture of the world today, while also giving a voice to under-served communities on an international basis. So after a day at work, or in the morning while having breakfast, you can switch on your TV and enjoy pleasant and enlightening moments either alone or with your family, courtesy of the high quality programming that is a feature of Arise News. Follow your favourite presenters in their exploration of the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and enjoy real time international news and entertainment geared towards a global audience. Choose to stay informed and don’t miss a moment of the highlights of our news!