Sprache(n): Englisch.

Land: Vereinigte Staaten.

Genre: Informationen and Politik.

Satelliten : hotbird

American Embassy TV SENDERN VOM SATELLITEN hotbird - Fernsehprogramm


The American Embassy TV Network is an American TV channel which offers content both in the US and abroad, via digital and satellite transmission. It is connected directly to the State Department, and its mission is to cover major events involving the US, its president, the Secretary of State, and other important members of the government, communicating the point of view of the United States of America to a global audience. It also carries daily briefings from the State Department, along with coverage of US Senate hearings and the House of Representatives. As well as government business, the channel also features interviews and magazine programs covering all aspects of American politics and state business, along with programming on economic, social and cultural issues of importance both domestically and to the wider world. Broadcasting in American English to an international audience, the American Embassy TV Network is a valuable tool for anyone interested in understanding American culture, politics, and society, while also giving an insight into how the US interacts with the rest of the world through its coverage of the activities of the US President and general political system. The channel also carries extensive reports on Foreign Press Centre briefings, as well as providing coverage of foreign heads of state making official visits to the USA.