Langue(s) : Italian.

Pays : Italy.

Genre(s) : Sport.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Unire Sat sur


Founded in 2002, Sat is an Italian television broadcasting station that was initially known as the SNAI Sat UNIRE (UNIONE NAZIONALE Incremento razze EQUINE). A creative brain-child of the Roman journalist-director Pino Nazio, who also happens to be an avid horse racer, this channel is dedicated exclusively to horse racing. The logo, representing a golden horse, captures this spirit and love for horses.

The station provides daily retransmission of the horse races that take place not only in Italy, but also across the world. It has also turned into a source for authentic reference.

Broadcasting on the network of Eutelsat satellites, more specifically on the HOTBIRD satellite television, UNIRE Sat offers a wide range of programmes live along with detailed analysis, insightful comments, and interesting news, relating to horses. As one of the exclusively dedicated channels for horse racing, it broadcasts daily programmes, starting from 6 AM early in the morning, along with a summary of the previous day races. Programmes continue till 6 PM in the evening. The last hour is dedicated to the summary of the races happened throughout the day.

During the day, the programmes offer various exciting information, analysis, tips, as well as live and replays of various horse races. Also, there is a special feature about horses and riders. Based in Rome, Sat UNIRE ensures all the great happenings in the world of horse racing are first telecasted in the channel. Sticking to its core values, the channel also actively takes part in the fight against doping and mistreatment of horses, making it one of the best channels for racing enthusiasts and sports fans.