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Genre(s) : Education.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


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Uninettuno University TV is an Italian television channel which was originally known as Rai Nettuno Sat 1. It is part of the Rai group and broadcasts university lectures and classes. The channel appeared in 1998 as a joint product of the Uninettuno University and the minister of education. The Uninettuno University TV channel is part of the Télépiù network and is owned by Rai. Although Rai Sat is only available for paying subscribers, Uninettuno University TV is free. Available via the HOTBIRD satellite, the channel was renamed Uninettuno University TV in 2014 and acts as a tool for teaching and learning. It covers major cultural events as well as following one objective : to allow everyone access to knowledge. The network of programmes on the channel consists of academic lessons made available by well known and reputable teachers from around the world. Lessons are also available in numerous languages. Addressing a whole host of topics, Uninettuno University TV is seen as a precious instrument for eager viewers from all parts of society, to learn about the world while enhancing and enriching their lives intellectually. As well as live events, the channel also broadcasts concerts and debates on the current political, social and economic climate.