Langue(s) : Polish.

Pays : Poland.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


TVP Polonia sur


TVP Polonia is a Polish television channel aimed at an international audience. It shows a selection of broadcasts from the country’s two main public television channels, TVP 1 and TVP 2 and, thanks to its dissemination via the Hot Bird satellite network, it is able to achieve a worldwide reach. The aim is to allow Polish expatriates all around the world to enjoy their favourite TV shows from their native country, and at the same time to spread an understanding and appreciation of the culture, lifestyle and realities of contemporary Poland. As a reflection of its global outlook, while its programmes are all in the Polish language, there are a number of shows and series which can be watched with subtitles.

On weekdays the TVP Polonia schedules start at six in the morning with a domestic news bulletin, repeated from TVP 1. There are more current affairs just after eight a.m. with “Kwadrans po ósmej” (“Quarter Past Eight”) which deals with national and international news. There then follow a variety of documentaries and series (in many cases subtitled in English). One of the channel’s flagship programmes is “Celownik” (“Viewfinder”), a lively magazine show looking at all aspects of daily life in Poland. Extremely popular with Polish viewers, it’s also a great introduction to Poland today for those who wish to learn more about what’s going on in this dynamic country.