Langue(s) :

Country : Belarus.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


TNT International on


The Russian language is well known for having produced world quality literature treasures over the years, with today’s day and age being no exception. Russian culture continues to produce a high level of literature in television format, via channels such as TNT international which offer a diverse selection of programmes to the Russian speaking population of the world.
TNT International is a family channel offering a rich selection of programmes to its viewers that are not easy to find elsewhere on Russian television. For the younger generation, the channel offers a wide choice of high quality cartoons which are broadcast in the mornings as well as at the latter ends of the afternoons. For adults on the other hand, TNT International offers an impressive selection of films which fill the evening programme schedule. TNT International targets all sectors of society with its broad range of programme categories. Whether it is action, romance or crime, this channel has something to suit everyone’s taste. For daytime television fans, there are also plenty of afternoon TV films filling up the schedule.
TBT International is best known for its entertainment programmes, including game shows and comedy sets. These popular shows, which draw in an abundance of viewers, feature well known comedians as well as those just starting out in the field. Flag-ship programmes of this genre contribute to the TNT International identity and include ‘Comedy Club’, ‘Comedy Woman’ and ‘Stand Up’.