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Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


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TGCom 24 is an all news channel in Italian which launched in November 2011. The channel evolved from the TGcom information website and broadcasts its TGcom news programmmes 24/7, every day of the year. The channel highlights breaking news and bulletins are renewed every hour. Major events include real time updates and programmes include news, press releases, information and surveys. The anchor programmes of the channel are dedicated exclusively to hot news, the teams of journalists work with videos and images from CNN, Reuters and ATPN. News is transmitted to viewers live, in the Italian language. The teams of journalists also build newscasts around the day’s highlights, both in Italy and globally. In this way the social, political and foreign issues of importance are given context with a complete overview and detailed information. The channel also produces thematic programmes which are led by experts, and relate to the latest high tech news, eco and environmental issues, health news, and consumer reports or reports on developments in the sciences. Sports news plays a big part in the programming of TGCom 24, with daily news and updates, reports, interviews and analysis with detailed reporting of matches. Fans of football, cycling, tennis, volleyball or auto sports will find all the Italian sports news needed on this channel. Culture is also covered, the TGCom 24 flagship show, “Gossip,” provides all the celebrity information needed by media junkies. This channel is distributed via satellite or HOTBIRD satellites throughout Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East or North Africa.