Langue(s) : Italian.

Pays : Italy.

Genre(s) : Religious.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


TCI sur


TCI, short for Christian Television in Italy, is a TV station focused on promoting the message of Christianity across Europe and beyond. Those with access to the Hot Bird satellite can view TCI for free, with the station broadcasting across North America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Although the station broadcasts some programming in English and other languages, the majority of programming is broadcast in the Italian language. Part of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Christian Television in Italy gives viewers the chance to enjoy programming from the American media network focused on Christianity. The station also produces its own original content, with the aim of transforming the lives of viewers through the power of the Holy Spirit. The channel broadcasts conversion testimonies from those who’s lives have been changed from engaging with the message of Christ and accessible programming allows audiences from all backgrounds to engage with the fundamentals of the Christian faith. There’s a varied slate of programming available via TCI, including sermons and tele-evangelical broadcasts delivered from experienced pastors, preachers and ministers, along with Bible studies in which passages are analysed in great detail, helping Christians better interpret and utilise the faith in their everyday life. Overall, the station strives to make Christianity more accessible to the average viewer, helping them transform their lives with practical guidance from the Bible that can be used in everyday situations. Accessible programming and approachable personalities make getting to grips with even challenging concepts incredibly easy, even for those fairly new to the religion.