Langue(s) : English.

Pays : UK.

Genre(s) : Religious.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


TBN Europe sur


TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network was first broadcast in May 1973 in the US. The idea was to build a Christian television network which would appeal to the whole world. TBN Europe was created in 1999 in the UK via a partnership with Channel 7 and then Hot Bird satellite in 2001. The channel’s aim is to help viewers overcome any difficulties they have in life through their Christian faith. There are lots of Christian programmes which offer hope, encouragement as well as friendship. TBN takes their responsibility seriously in broadcasting real moral support for those in times of need. It offers many Christian talk shows where personalities, civil or religious, come together to share their experiences and beliefs. There are also charismatic preaching stars of TBN in the US. One such star is Joyce Mercer who uses her humour, kindness and easy-going style to teach the Bible. Trinity Broadcasting Network also offers the opportunity for people to learn how to pray to overcome life’s challenges, trials and tribulations. This particular TV channel gives viewers the chance to enjoy Christian films which are produced specifically by TBN. There are also documentaries like “The Wonders of God” that celebrates the beauty of our planet. As with most religions, music has a prominent place in spiritual life, Christianity is no different. “Praise the Lord” is a programme on TBN Europe where viewers can watch major Christian artists perform while fans of classical music, Gospel and even rock are also catered for.