Somali National TV sur


As its name suggests, Somali National TV is a government owned channel and the main television channel available in the country. It is also known as SN TV and the headquarters are based in the capital Mogadishu. Under the guidance of the ministry of communication, Somali National TV positions itself as an architect for the consolidation of national unity. After its revival in 2011, the channel has seen its achievements and attributions steadily increase. In line with the national objective, its mission is to inform, raise awareness and to educate the Somali population on political, economical and cultural issues. It also offers coverage on sports. The channel is similarly dedicated to producing entertainment programmes which promote good morals. In addition to its national prerogatives, the channel sees itself as the window through which the world can view Somalia. For this reason, it broadcasts via satellite and targets both Somalis living around the world, as well as other people who are interested in finding out about current affairs in the country. SN TV has a network of programmes consisting of televised newspaper editions and coverage of local, regional and international news. Other content includes documentaries and televised debates on diverse themes, as well as drama series, films and Somali songs.