Langue(s) : Italian.

Country : Italy.

Genre(s) : Political.

Satellite(s) : hotbird


Senato TV on


Established in 2003, Senato TV is an Italian television channel that televises debates in the Senate direct from the magnificent 15th century Palazzo Madama in Rome. Its programmes are broadcast in the Italian language. This free satellite channel is the Italian equivalent of France’s Public Sénat, and the same goal is shared by these two TV stations: namely, to foster a good civic spirit and to inform the electorate. Immersed in the seat of government and the heart of power, teams of journalists report from the Senate, this venerable Assembly that is the upper house of the Parliament of the Italian Republic.

Needless to say, this channel has a wide audience in its home country because it casts a great deal of light upon the real problems facing Italy today, but it should also appeal to viewers abroad since Italian political life is no rich and the verbal clashes are often extremely colourfully phrased and thought provoking. Good television needs a little bit of spectacle, and it must be said that the Italian senators know how to put on a show. Alongside broadcasts of Senate debates and press conferences with members of government, Senato TV also shows debates, documentaries and informative pieces. This public interest channel gives citizens a front seat as political arguments unfold, so voters can then see how their elected representatives behave, what they say and how they vote.