Langue(s) : English.

Pays : United states.

Genre(s) : Religious.

Satellite(s) : hotbird


SBN sur


SBN, alternatively known as the Sonlife Broadcasting Network, is a Christian television station that’s free to view for those with access to the Hot Bird satellite service. After first being launched in 2010, the station has gone from strength to strength since. Originally spearheaded by the American reverend, Jimmy Lee Swaggart, SBN is renowned for its focus on evangelistic TV programming and has been used as a platform to further the message of Christian values to a wider audience. Broadcasting predominantly in English, SBN boasts a diverse portfolio of programming designed to teach the core values and principles of the Christian faith to audiences from a diverse range of backgrounds, appealing to Christian audiences across the world.
SBN boasts an incredible range of inclusive programming, tailored to the individual needs of a broad slate of viewers. Broadcasts range from simple sermons designed to instill the basics of Christian concepts into audiences, along with more challenging programming that goes into greater detail about the issues facing Christians across the globe today. Reverend Jimmy Lee Swaggart continues to host sermons and programming regularly, supported by an extensive team of pastors, preachers and other men and women of the faith. There’s also more in-depth programming available, including ‘Message of the Cross’; an hour long discussion programming that addresses topics relating to the doctrine and issues of spirituality. There’s several engaging talk shows, along with plenty of Bible study programming designed to introduce newcomers to the faith to advanced concepts, while providing longstanding Christians a way to keep engaged with the teachings of their faith.