Langue(s) : Italian.

Pays : Italy.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Rai 3 sur


Rai 3 is an Italian public broadcasting channel which focuses on cultural television with a regional focus. It belongs to the Italian broadcasting group Rai and describes itself as “a TV channel that engages people”. For example, every day, it presents a unique perspective on the Italian television panorama, and broadcasts investigations on issues around the evolution of Italian civil society. Rai 3 tries to feature programs dealing with every part of everyday life, and constantly offers a varied program schedule. The channel broadcasts cultural programs about cinema, literature, music and the arts in general. It offers its viewers a wide range of informative documentaries and history programs, and the channel also transmits plenty of entertainment programs, films and television series, along with reality TV shows. The evening programming on Rai 3 is largely made up of television series and popular movies. Sport is also a key part of the schedule, with broadcasts of recent sporting events and shows that are 100% dedicated to specific sports, as well as a weekly magazine program broadcast every Saturday. Rai 3 also provides regional information with its TGR. The channel is provided free of charge (with the exception of a few programs that are reserved exclusively for Italian viewers) via the Hotbird satellite, and it can therefore be watched throughout Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, as well as the Middle East. It’s the ideal channel for Italians abroad or any lovers of Italian culture.