Langue(s) : Italian.

Country : Italy.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


QVC Italia on


QVC Italia is an Italian television channel dedicated to shopping. Broadcasting its programmes in Italian, it is available round the clock, seven days a week.

Specialising in Italian teleshopping, QVC Italia offers programmes promoting products in a whole range of consumer sectors, be it beauty treatments, kitchen appliances, clothing, jewellery or fashion accessories. Viewers can learn how daily life can be simplified through innovative products relating to the maintenance of the house, the car or the garden. Needless to say, the latest time saving electronic gadgets are not neglected either.

During the shopping programmes, the products are introduced by QVC Italia’s team of presenters and put through their paces to show exactly how they work. Once a product has been purchased, customer service is available to buyers to assist them with any further questions they might have.

The products sold on air come from Italian and international manufacturers. There are regular special offers available allowing viewers to receive promotional deals on certain items by calling the channel’s telephone number. As a result of its efforts, the channel enjoys a growing community of viewers, with over 130,000 fans on its Facebook page.

Through the Hot Bird satellites, QVC Italia can be watched for free throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, as well as North Africa and Asia Minor. Tempting Italian expatriates around the world with its wares, QVC Italia has proven itself to be a showcase for what to buy in Italy.