Langue(s) : Polish.

Country : Poland.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Polonia 1 on


It was in 1993 that Polonia TV channel 1 was first launched. This is a private channel that was created under the leadership of twelve different regional channels of the country and formed a unified network broadcast throughout the country. Polonia 1 is the first commercial chain in Poland and offers a programme which is resolutely aimed at, and designed for, the general public. Much of its programming consists of particularly popular series, both domestically produced and foreign, and also entertaining cartoon shows and telenovelas. Polonia TV has also not neglected the viewer who is a fan of film as the chain regularly broadcasts nightly movies. It is important to mention one feature of Polonia 1 that is found in many countries of Eastern Europe. Whether it is a movie or a series that was not originally made in Polish, each such programme will feature a continuous simultaneous translation. Another specific feature of the Polonia 1 network is that it shares broadcasting with another TV channel which is focused on teleshopping, which is of interest to those who wish to enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own armchairs. Also, on the same channel and in the late evening slot are regularly broadcast movies and erotic shows. Due to its versatility and variety, the Polonia 1 network is worth discovering for curious viewers and those wanting to relax in front of its range of light and entertaining programming as well as those who wish to keep in touch with their Polish heritage , or discover more about Poland and its people.