Langue(s) : Persian.

Country : afghanistan.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Payam-e-Afghan TV on


Owned and funded by Afghan businessman, Omar Khetab, the Payam-e-Afghan TV channel is broadcast via satellite. The wide range of its programming has been widely available to overseas viewers living in Canada, Mexico, The United States and Europe since 2008. Payam-e-Afghan TV programmes are broadcast from its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and it is from here that the station was launched in 2007. Most of the content on this Afghan channel is broadcast in Persian, but some programmes in the Pashto language are also shown. Right from its beginning, the mission statement of the Payam-e-Afghan TV channel has been to produce and broadcast entertainment and information programmes that appeal to all ages and lifestyles. Giving viewers a window into the culture of Afghanistan, the channel has a programme schedule that is dedicated to informing and entertaining in a distinctive Afghan way. More specifically, this satellite TV station delivers up-to-date news programmes several times a day. These report on political, economic, cultural, social and sports events taking place in the country. The latest news is shown in real time and is presented by an experienced and professional team who report without any interpretation or bias. The programming schedule also includes musical items that give viewers the opportunity to discover and enjoy the country’s musical genres. Scheduling is constantly being updated to reflect the culture and way of life of Afghanistan giving an informative and entertaining programme that the whole family can enjoy together.