Langue(s) : Kurdish.

Country : Iraqi Kurdistan.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat


Kurdistan TV on


Many Iraqi Kurdish media outlets are owned by political parties, and Kurdistan TV is no exception. In this case, the television channel is owned by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). Its main bases are in the south of the Kurdish autonomous community but it has also established offices in the Netherlands and Germany to maintain its vocation as an internationally oriented channel. This also allows it to reach the huge Kurdish diaspora across Europe. Kurdistan TV is a television station that serves as a liaison between Iraqi Kurdistan and the world. To this end, it is present on many satellites, such as HOTBIRD, where its programs are available at no cost. The channel broadcasts mainly in Kurdish. At the official launch of its programs in 1999, the TV station was assigned as objectives to inform, raise awareness, educate and entertain. The information component plays a considerable part in the programming of the channel, and it employs a skilled team of journalists, reporters and correspondents who do not hesitate to get on the ground, including in areas plagued by conflict, to bring you accurate information, without sensationalism. If you want to stay connected to the latest developments in Kurdish, Middle Eastern and international developments, Kurdistan TV is widely thought of as a credible source. The channel broadcasts on the Hotbird satellite, and also develops entertainment programs for a Kurdish audience. You will have the opportunity to follow sports programs, cultural programs, along with TV shows that reflect social life in Iraqi Kurdistan.