Langue(s) : Armenian, Armenian, and Armenian.

Country : Armenia.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment and General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Kentron TV on


As its name suggests, Kentron TV International is an internationally oriented channel. The name Kentron is inspired by the central district of Yerevan, the Armenian capital, and it is a private television station that is available on the Hotbird satellite. In effect, it acts as a bridge between the Armenian people and the world. Broadcasting plenty of Armenian-language programs, this channel is primarily intended for the Armenian diaspora, as well as lovers of the country. Its programs are designed so that you can be kept informed of events making national news in Armenia, but also regional and international topics. Kentron TV International is therefore an excellent source of information if you don’t want to miss any significant developments in relation to Armenian politics, culture or the economy. Coverage of these events is delivered through a deployment of skillful journalists across the country. At the channel’s studio, a team of highly trained and experienced presenters delivers the news through separate shows in the morning and evening. These informative shows are generally also accompanied by controversial and interesting debates. However, this free channel doesn’t just seek to provide information. Indeed, it also attaches great importance to providing entertainment shows of all kinds for all age groups. When you tune into Kentron, you can watch engaging TV shows of all kinds, including interesting talk shows, where ordinary life in Armenia is treated in a fun and enjoyable way. Kentron TV International also features successful Armenian and foreign TV series, as well as programs designed exclusively for young children.