Langue(s) : Turkish.

Country : Turkey.

Genre(s) : Religious.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Kanal Hayat on


Kanal Hayat is a Turkish television channel that is broadcast free of charge via the Hotbird satellite. Its programs revolve around the Christian religion and aim to promote the conversion of the masses in a context where more than 95% of the Turkish population is Muslim. Despite this statistic, Kanal Hayat always manages to achieve more than respectable ratings, which is strong evidence that its evangelical programs are popular with Turkish speaking viewers. Statistical studies show also that this kind of TV is highly appreciated by the country’s Christian minority, but it also looks like more and more Muslims are curious to learn more about the life of Jesus Christ. Thus, Kanal Hayat is thought to be the source of many conversions to the Christian faith. In fact, its programs are designed for this purpose in order to attract a wider audience. If you are of Turkish origin and want to find out everything about how people of the Christian faith live in Turkey, Kanal Hayat is probably the most appropriate channel. You can follow lively sermons by local clergymen. Similarly, you can watch international religious programs that have been translated into the Turkish language. Among other world famous shows, the internationally watched Ministry of Joyce Meyer program is included in the Kanal Hayat schedule. Catechisms for both adults and younger viewers are also broadcast on the channel, with the aim of allowing viewers to discover or deepen their knowledge about the life and work of Jesus Christ.