Langue(s) : Persian.

Country : UK.

Genre(s) : Religious.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Kalemeh TV on


Kalemeh TV is a free channel that is completely dedicated to the Islamic faith. Broadcast from the United Kingdom, this television station offers a range of programs to assist you in your faith through the transmission of Islamic teachings solely based on the Koran. Kalemeh TV also dedicates its work to encouraging the return of Muslims to the direction of the Holy Scriptures. This ambition is motivated by the problem of biased interpretations of the messages of Allah and His Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad. Kalemeh’s believes that the right approach is to go back to the source of the foundations of Islam. It’s presenters also have valuable advice on what the Almighty recommends. The programs broadcast by TV Kalemeh are mainly in Persian, and guide you on what to do to live piously in today’s modern world, while taking into account the will of Allah. The channel’s programs are produced so as to target all social categories. Its viewership includes young people, adults, older people, elites and individuals from all walks of life. Every Persian speaker can therefore be absorbed and entertained by the shows produced and broadcast by this TV station. Above all else, Kalemeh TV offers programs of study and explanation of the suras regarding the foundations of the Islamic faith. If you are interested in Islam, you will finally have the opportunity to attend sermons that embrace all matters of spirituality and discover how they relate to your own life.