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Country : Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, Italy, and Italy.

Genre(s) : Sport.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


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Italian Fishing TV is a sports channel devoted entirely to fishing and is broadcast from Italy. The channel broadcasts exclusively in Italian and offers viewers around the clock programming created to reflect their passion for angling.
Fishing enthusiasts of all levels of experience will discover a wide selection of absorbing programmes. Documentaries are sharp and varied and cover all aspects of the sport, from the tranquil pleasures of freshwater fishing to the rigours of sea fishing. Some programmes focus more on practical tips. Viewers can learn the secrets of expert Italian fishermen, who offer invaluable advice on such topics as the choice of bait, fly fishing and spinner techniques to lure fish.
Italian Fishing TV also features select programming, such as genuine, 100% fishing related news magazines that enable viewers to keep abreast of current events related to their sport. This is also one of the Italian chain’s strongest niches. Italian Fishing TV endeavours to provide the best possible information through content of the highest quality that is dedicated exclusively to fishing. Hardcore anglers can also rely on Italian Fishing TV’s multimedia portal to leave a large space open for interactive programmes.
The success of this dynamic young channel continues to grow, with over 55,000 visitors tuning in daily in Italy. As Italian Fishing TV is now available via Hot Bird satellite throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, it’s a safe bet that its audience will continue to grow.