Langue(s) : Persian.

Pays : United states.

Genre(s) : Culture.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Ganj e Hozour TV sur


Ganj e Hozour is a TV channel dedicated to the continuation and dissemination of Kurdish culture. It plays a significant part in the new generation of TV stations that are evolving to promote and keep alive the lifestyle of the Kurdish people worldwide. In Europe, the channel is available free on the HOTBIRD satellite. Its programmes in English and Farsi revolve around the traditional culture and values ​​of the Kurdish community. The folk dances, traditional festivals and other cultural and artistic features characteristic of these people are part of a thoughtful and integrated programme of scheduling. The network strives to ensure that Kurds in the diaspora throughout the whole of the world, as well as interested friends of the community, can stay connected to the realities and developments of a lifestyle that intends to embrace the world. Ganj e Hozour is a regular daily part of the life of the Kurdish community and helps in learning more about the indigenous way of thinking and living.

Kurdish culture is heavily influenced by music with the rhythms built around a tradition of poetry, so the network offers lyrical interpretations of songs so that the meaning is not lost for those who are not native speakers. Ganj e Hozour reserves a place of honour for local folklore and presents it to the world in all its great diversity. Apart from music and documentaries, the free channel also features TV series and TV movies on the subject of Kurdish life.