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Launched in February 2011 by a group of Shiite Muslims based in the United Kingdom, Fadak TV is a television channel whose mission is to popularise the Shiite doctrine to the Arab people and the wider world in general. Promoting a tolerant Islam that is very different to currents that preach violence and terrorism, the channel aims to return believers to the right path traced by the Prophet Muhammad and his first descendants. Under the leadership of Kuwaiti Shiite scholar Yasser Al-Habib, a leader and spiritual guide, presenters and others involved resources on the chain therefore cater daily to a wide audience of believers of various persuasions. Fadak TV is known for its rigorously academic approach that is always supported by research, as it seeks to deliver the Muslim faith in its original context, that of a tolerant religion.

To achieve its mission, Fadak TV broadcasts a diverse program consisting of ethical, historical readings and Islamic sermons. These include Hawza conferences and Islamic seminaries, while lectures by eminent speakers in French, Arabic, English and Persian are also regularly broadcast by the channel. By tuning into the channel on a regular basis, you can also attend weekly prayers as they are delivered in London’s Al-Muhassin mosque, as well as large collective prayers said on the occasion of major religious festivals like Eid or anniversaries of major historical figures the Muslim faith. If you want to renew your faith or learn about a tolerant version of Islam, Fadak TV is the channel for you.