Langue(s) : English.

Country : China.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


CNC English on


CNC English is a Chinese television channel first launched in 2010. As the name suggests, it broadcasts programmes exclusively in English. The channel is half owned by the Chinese government, the other half being in the hands of private investors.

The remit of CNC English is to provide the widest possible coverage of business affairs and economics from around the world, while also offering content deemed appropriate by the Chinese authorities. As an English language news channel, it seeks to offer viewers an analysis of the international scene through the prism of China and its concerns. The fact that its programming is entirely in English attests to China’s desire to develop a channel with a global audience, and the aim is for English CNC to become a leading name among Chinese news channels.

In order to increase its international reach, CNC English has entered into a fruitful partnership with a number of TV platforms to make itself accessible worldwide via satellite. In 2011, for example, the channel signed an agreement with the Eutelsat platform that allows it to be watched for free in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Thanks to this development strategy, CNC English continues to follow an upward trajectory in terms of public profile and reputation, with a steadily growing number of viewers around the globe. Its informative journalism and accessibility in English make it an invaluable source for anyone interested in international finance.