Langue(s) :

Country : China.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat




The television channel CGTN (formerly China Central Television News) is based in Beijing, the capital of China, and its programmes are broadcast in English. Founded in September 2000, CGTN is today viewable 24/7 via HotBird satellite in over 100 countries and regions in the East, the USA, and Kenya. The channel was originally known as CCTV-9. This news channel broadcasts a wide range of coverage, which includes newscasts, commentaries, insightful reports, and feature presentations. CGTN provides extra diversity and perspective to global news. Although the primary focuses are on China, CGTN also covers events happening elsewhere in Asia and developing countries. Its aim is to promote China in a positive light, and help international audiences understand China and the world in general. This Hot Bird satellite channel broadcasts News Update and News Hour, which provides comprehensive coverage of events happening around the world. A live news bulletin is usually broadcast every hour. Households may also view China 24 and Asia Today, which are concerned with the latest domestic and regional events. There are also specialist news and information programmes, such as Biz Asia. New Money, Biz Talk, Sports Scene, and Culture Express, which are concerned with business, sports, finance, economics and culture. Travelogue focuses on travel destinations in China and around the world, and programmes, such as World Insight and Dialogue, offer a critical and in-depth perspective on current affairs around the world. Foreign reporters provide their own perspective on China via the Rediscovering China programme.