Langue(s) : Azerbaijanian.

Pays : Azerbaijan.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


CBC (Azerbaijan) sur


CBC is an Azerbaijani television channel belonging to the SOCAR group. It began broadcasting its programmes in Baku, on 10th April 2013. CBC TV Channel offers its viewers an impartial coverage of current events along with a broad range of other programmes. It is the only channel which televises news in 5 different languages. These languages are Azerbaijani, Russian, Persian, English and Armenian. CBC TV Channel is also Azerbaijan’s first international television channel, which after an audacious start, informs the international community of the successes, challenges and achievements within the country. CBC TV Channel broadcasts non-stop over a wide territory covering the European side of Russia to the Hindustan Peninsular, and from the Balkan Peninsular to the Eastern border of China. Concerning news coverage, CBC operates a unique system for selecting its stories. This system is dependent on the language in each of the five regions. The editorial policy is based not on own assessment by the channel, but rather by presenting views of all parties concerned. CBC’s creative and technical abilities allow the channel to present high quality programmes in a wide variety of genres. CBC TV Channel also broadcasts premier division football matches in Azerbaijan.