Langue(s) : Persian.

Country : UK.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat


BBC Persian on


BBC Persian is an award-winning news channel which broadcasts its programmes in the Persian language.
Based at Broadcasting House in London, BBC Persian is designed to cater to the 100 million Persian speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, but is also watched by a broader audience of expatriates worldwide. The goal of the service is to keep the public to the north of the Persian Gulf informed in real time of news and current affairs from the unbiased and uncensored perspective of the editorially independent and internationally respected BBC. Launched on January 14th, 2009, by the British group BBC Worldwide, a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC, the BBC Persian service transmits its programmes exclusively from the headquarters of the famous state-owned television company. Officially banned in Iran due to that nation’s governmental disapproval of foreign journalists, BBC Persian is broadcast by the Hotbird satellite.
Teams of journalists from BBC Persian cover all the hot topics in the news pertaining to the Persian speaking world, and also internationally. Thus the BBC Persian viewers are able to learn about current events in Iran and Afghanistan but also worldwide. The programmes deal with a variety of subjects, including science, the arts, economics and business. Expert sports journalists also offer a variety of news reports and results. The latest cultural trends or current affairs are broadcast on the network via reports, commentary and documentaries.
BBC Persian offers the opportunity to follow, throughout the day, 7 days a week, a comprehensive overview of current events in Iran and adjacent nations.