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Country : Armenia and Armenia.

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Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Public TV of Armenia on


On November 29, 1956 Public Television Company of Armenia started broadcasting. For nearly 60 years Public Television Company of Armenia has held high the banner of being the first TV channel in the country and not only as the leading TV channel, but also as a pioneer who established the traditions and principles based on which a great number of television companies were established after the Republic of Armenia had gained its independence in 1991.
Public Television offers its viewers various political, cultural, and social programs, films and concerts, it has a coverage of 99.8 % in RA. Furthermore, through its satellites Public Television Company is available in many different countries of the world: South Caucasus, CIS, Europe, Near and Middle East and North Africa, USA and Canada, Siberia, the Far East and Australia.
In 2005 Public Television Company of Armenia was the first regional TV channel to become an active member of European Broadcasting Union (EBU), as a result of which it achieved a right to participate in the Eurovision – the best known music contest in the world.
Public TV of Armenia can be received in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa region, through the HOTBIRD 13E satellite, and viewers can receive it for free.