Langue(s) : Armenian.

Pays : Armenia.

Genre(s) :

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Armenia TV Europe sur


Armenia TV Europe is a variation of Armenia TV. Founded in 1999, the national channel has been very successful since its inception. In 2000, it broadcasts nationwide and obtains permission to broadcast outside the country via satellite.
Thus was born Armenia TV Europe shortly after. First broadcast on YouTube, the channel dedicated to Europe retains the programming of its big sister.
Films and series, games and reports, sports and information are offered there. Initially broadcast for expatriates in Europe, the channel has conquered a larger audience with its blockbusters and high-profile sporting events – European football championships, for example.
Reality TV is also important in the programming of the channel.
Armenia TV Europe still offers documentaries and information to better understand Armenian history but also current culture. However, it is not a nationalist channel and offers many international programs. Not to mention his own creations such as his successful series (Հատուկ բաժին, Վերջին Մոհիկյանը (The last of Mohikyans) or Ընտանյոք հանդերձ (With the whole family)). It is this clever mix of past and present, local and international, that makes the channel one of the most watched by expats in Europe. It is now possible to follow these programs via satellite. To stay in touch with its origins or to discover a country and its inhabitants, Armenia TV Europe offers a wide overview.